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Mobile-Stor FAQs

Got questions about portable temporary offices or secure mobile storage containers from Mobile-Stor in Billings? We have provided answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions about our products and services here on our FAQ page.

Need more info or have questions that are not addressed here? Just give us a call today. We will be glad to help you find the perfect solution to your mobile office or secure storage needs!

  1. What type of customers do you rent storage containers to?
    - We sell and lease secure shipping containers to a wide variety of customers and industries. Some of our popular storage container customers include: commercial & residential new construction and remodel, refineries, retail businesses, oil fields, homeowners.

  2. What hours are you open?
    - Mobile-Stor is open 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday thru Friday.

  3. What area or region do you deliver mobile stroage and mobile office units to?
    - We service all of Montana, northern Wyoming and western North Dakota.

  4. What do you charge for delivery?
    - The delivery fee is based on mileage for outside the Billings area.

  5. Are your secure storage units water proof?
    - Yes. All portable storage containers and mobile office units are checked for any holes or leaks and repaired before going out.

  6. Are the storage units rodent proof?
    - Yes, Our portable offices and shipping container storage units are rodent proof, but only to the extent of them sneaking in when the doors are open.

  7. How are your storage containers delivered and offloaded?
    - We use a small semi with a 40 ft. goose neck trailer that employs a chain drive system to off load the shipping container.

  8. Do the mobile storage units have to be placed on blocks?
    - No, they can sit directly on the ground as long as it is level and hard packed. Unlevel ground causes the doors not to completely seal leading to the possibility of water leakage or rodents entering.

  9. What is the minimum/maximum rental period for your storage containers and mobile temporary office units?
    - We have a one month minimum rental and bill on a monthly basis until the unit is called in for pickup. We also sell them if you need a permenant storage or office solution.

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